The CHIC Insurance Story

We started Commercial Hirecar Insurance Company, RRG (CHIC, RRG) with a simple goal: provide affordable insurance to the For-Hire Vehicle Industry.

Our idea definitely had its skeptics. Many professionals in the industry told us that providing affordable rates and maintaining profitability was impossible.

Well, they were wrong.

After a year of working through the Tennessee State Department of Insurance and other state insurance entities CHIC Insurance sold the first direct to consumer For-Hire Vehicle insurance that includes online quoting, self-service policy access and affordable pricing. Then we did it again and again. What previously took days to complete, now takes minutes.

It’s caught on because it’s in the best interest of the consumer and simplistic. Now with CHIC, RRG you can purchase your commercial auto insurance online directly from the company and access the policy 24/7. By cutting out the unnecessary middlemen, we make the process simple, efficient, and transparent.

Welcome to the future of insurance.